At Logan Investments, we let our clients do our talking…

“I refer my clients to Logan Investments for their ‘Hard Money’ needs.

Ron Sentchuk helped me close a multi-million dollar transaction with an international buyer.

I am also an investor with Logan.”
Jordan Cohen
#1 Remax Agent Worldwide
“We needed a $15 M loan on this luxury offshore resort project and quickly.

Logan Investments and Ron Sentchuk came through and I hate to think what would have happened without his help.”
Joe Collier
President Mainsail Lodging & Development
“We’re in the real estate development investment business and Ron Sentchuk and Logan Investments have provided loan services to us in the past.

As a developer, we have interim hold periods at pre development.

To have a partner that can perform financially and get through the documentation is critical and they consistently accomplish that.”
Bill Messenger
Messenger Investment Company
“I have some very simple rules on referrals.

First of all, it has to be someone who is well regarded in the industry, which Ron Sentchuk is.

Someone that I’ve known a long time, which is true.

And number three, someone that weathered the last financial storm and brought their investors through will have my respect.”
Dennis Doss
General Manager at Doss Law
“There’s a lot of Johnny come latelys in this field right now and they just do not have the experience or knowledge to put these kinds of deals together.

Ron Sentchuk and Logan Investments has the experience and they’re knowledgeable in all areas from development, construction, and syndication.

Ron has seen everything and he has the investors with the wherewithal to be able to get our deals done.

And he’s been doing it for over 30 years.”
Bob Connell
President at Connell Investments Inc.
“Ron Sentchuk brings a level of ethics, honesty and transparency to the business.

When he brings us an opportunity, there’s always full disclosure.

In all the years that I’ve done business with him, we’ve never, ever had a situation that cost us money.”
Michael Cusumano
Managing Director Cusumano Real Estate Group
“A typical financial institution would never have made the rebuilding of the architectural landmark restaurant in Los Angeles possible.

Ron Sentchuk and Logan Investments saw the potential and today we have a very successful enterprise.”
Andrew Merian
Real Estate Developer/Clifton Restaurant
“I’ve referred a lot of clients, friends, and family who have invested with Ron Sentchuk for over 20 years.

I tell everybody the same thing. Just be clear with Ron what you want, what you expect, your risk tolerance, and the rate of return you’re looking for.

If he calls you up, he hits the mark. If he can’t hit the mark, he won’t be calling.”
Brian Dror
CPA Barak Richter & Dror, CPAs
“When presented with any hurdle, or stumbling block, Ron Sentchuk’s first thought is, how do we find a creative solution, rather than to call it an insurmountable objection.

Logan Investment’s business philosophy is, how can we figure this out?

What can we do to find common ground and move forward, rather than letting it halt us from doing the deal.”
Henry Miller
Managing Director – Diamond Business Loans
“I am an investor with Ron Sentchuk and Logan Investments.

When Ron says I have a transaction would you like to invest?

I don’t even ask I just do it because I have that kind of trust and confidence in him personally and professionally.”
Jordan Cohen
#1 Remax Agent Worldwide