Different situations require unique lending solutions. If you’ve been denied a loan or need a loan quickly, Logan Investments is here to help. We are ready to unlock your lending problems and open solutions and opportunities to complete your goals.

 A hard money loan has some very distinct differences from a loan you might get through a bank or a broker. These differences can help more people and in a wider variety of ways. 

The most important distinction is that the equity in your property is more important than your credit score. The amount of equity you are willing to invest on your own, shows us that you’re serious about the property and are committed to its success.

We Accept:

  • $250,000 – $10,000,000 loans
  • Commercial, Industrial, Mixed-use, & Rental Properties
  • Stated Income
  • Discharged Bankruptcy
  • 1 – 5 Year Terms

Typical Rates:

  • 7.99-9.99%
  • Points: 2-4 + cost
  • Terms: 1-5 years (long term programs available)
  • LTV: 55-65%
  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trust Deeds

*Rates and fees may vary due to position of lien, LTV and term, etc.

We Work With:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Notice of Default
  • Foreclosure
  • Late Mortgage
  • Bad Credit
  • No Credit

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Hard Money FAQs

Most borrowers can typically expect an interest rate of 7.99% to 9.99% for their private money loans.

No, not in most cases.

 Loan-to-Value is the relationship between the value and the loans against the property. 

Single Family Residence, Commercial, Multi-Family, Land, Mixed Use and other real estate properties are all eligible for a hard money loan from Logan Investments.

Yes, however the closing costs can be paid through the loan proceeds.

In most cases, closing on a Logan Investments hard money loan takes between 3 and 5 days after receiving a completed package.

No, but we will conduct an appraisal review on all appraisal reports submitted to us.

We currently lend in most states.

To get started on an equity loan from Logan Investments please contact us today at 818-755-0880.